"Whoa Mahomet !"
Author(s) : Eric Mackay
Publisher : De Graafschap, Aalten (Dutch edition)
Language : Dutch
Date : 1947 (Dutch edition)
Translator : J. Rothuizen
Drawings : Jacques Germans
Pages : 44
Review : In october 1945 the story of Major Eric Mackay appeared in the 'Blackwoods Magazine' at Edinburgh.
The story was published under the title 'The Battle of Arnhem Bridge". Mackay didn't wrote it under his real name because he thought he and his men just did their jobs. The Dutch translator of this book wanted to mention the real name of the author and Eric Mackay wrote her a letter in which he gave her permission to use his name and also wrote how he and his men were thankful for the thick walls of the Limburg Stirumschool, in which he and his men of the 1st Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers, fought during the battle of Arnhem bridge.
The story starts at sunday 17 september 1944 when Mackay and his men boarded their planes. It then describes the fighting around the school until wednesday 20 september. Mackay was captured. He managed to escape and returned to the Allied lines. That is when the story ends.
This Dutch edition of the story of Mackay was published to raise money for rebuilding the Limburg Stirumschool. 

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