A Tour of the Arnhem Battlefields
Author(s) : John Waddy
Publisher : Pen & Sword Books Limited
Language : English
Date : 2011
Pictures : About 65
Pages : 223
Review : This book comes with a map that is needed to find locations mentioned in the book. The book itself is made up in four parts: The Battle for Arnhem Bridge, The Battle of Oosterbeek, The Battle of Driel and The Aftermath. Each part will be taken in turn, and this may not be in strict chronological order, but it will be a more logical account, by which the strategic and tactical points of interest will stand out more clearly. 
There are 46 locations, or stands, in this book. At every stand there is a story about what happened there.
The book starts with background information about the planning, the opposition and the intelligence before the battle. Then the book starts with Part 1, The Battle for Arnhem Bridge. The book (and thus the tour as well) starts at the landing and dropping zones and then continues to the fighting at the bridge and the attempts to reach the bridge. 
Part II is about the fighting at and around Oosterbeek. This part also starts at the landing and dropping zones. The story then moves to Ginkel Heath and the fighting at the Dreyenseweg. After that several locations in Oosterbeek are described. 
Part III is about the Battle of Driel, which took place at the south of the River Rhine. Five locations are visited in this part. Together they tell the story of the landing and fighting of the Polish brigade and the withdrawal across the Rhine. 
Part IV, the aftermath is about operations Pegasus I and Pegasus II and about the Airborne Cemetery. 
The book ends with a short chapter about the fighting south of Arnhem and finally a summary with reflections and lessons of Market Garden. 

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