Shan Hacket, the pursuit of exactitude
Author(s) : Roy Fullick
Publisher : Leo Cooper (Pen and Sword Books)
Language : English
Date : 2003
Pictures : 33
Pages : 222
Review : In september 1944 Shan Hacket was commander of the 4th Parachute Brigade at Arnhem/Oosterbeek.
He landed on Ginkel Heath on 18 september and commanded the brigade until being seriously wounded in the closing days of the battle. He managed to escape and was hidden by the Dutch resistance. Eventually Hacket managed to escape back to the British lines. After WW II Hacket occupied key command and staff appointments in the British Army and NATO. 
The first chapter starts with a history of the Hacket family and ends in 1929, when Shan Hacket left Australia and went to England. The next 4 chapters tell the story about his army carreer in Palestine and North Africa. 
Chapters 6 and 7 are about Arnhem, they are titled: 'To the Market Garden' and 'The End of 4 Parachute Brigade'.  'To the Market Garden' is about the planning of Market Garden. Roy Fullick writes about the condition of the 4th Parachute Brigade and the many plans that were cancelled before Market Garden. 
'The End of 4 Parachute Brigade' starts on 18 september 1944 and gives an account of the fighting at Wolfheze and Oosterbeek. This chapter ends with Hacket recovering from surgery at St. Elizabeth Hospital at Arnhem.  
The next two chapters (8 and 9) are about Hacket hiding with the Dutch resistance and his return over the Rhine, back to the allied lines and chapters 10 and 11 about his military carreer after WW II. 
The last chapter, called 'The Academic', is about Hacket's life after retirement, when he and his wife lived in Ireland at first and later in England. This chapter ends with the death of Shan Hacket on 9 september 1997, at the age of 86. 
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