A Sapper at Arnhem, The memoirs of Harry Faulkner-Brown
Author(s) : Harry Faulkner-Brown
Publisher : R.N. Sigmond Publishing
Language : English
Date : 2006
Pictures : 88
Pages : 125
Review : Like the subtitle says, these are the memoirs of Harry Faulkner-Brown, who served with the Royal Engineers.  
On 18 september 1944 Faulkner-Brown landed on Ginkel Heath with his unit, the 4th Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers. He was evacuated over the Rhine in the night of 25/26 september. 
The book has 14 chapters. The first tells about the pre-Arnhem army years of Faulkner-Brown. After that there are chapters for each single day he was at Arnhem/Oosterbeek. In the end there are some chapters of his life after the war. 

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