A drop too many
Author(s) : John Frost
Publisher : Leo Cooper
Language : English
Date : 1994 (first published in 1980)
Pictures : 29
Pages : 271
Review : A drop too many is written by Major-General John Frost, who fought at Arnhem Bridge. 
Frost starts his story in the Syrian Desert, where he was stationed when the war began. He was serving with the Iraq Levies, a force of Assyrian, Kurdish and Arab tribedmen. Their role was to guard R.A.F. airfields and installations.
He then writes about returning to the UK and joining the Parachute Regiment. Chapter 3 is about the Bruneval Raid and chapters 5-13 about North Africa, Sicily and Italy. 
Chapter 15 is about Arnhem, the battle Frost is best know for. He describes how his battalion landed, marched to Arnhem Bridge and held their positioned for more than three days. 
The last four chapters are about Frost's time as prisoner of war and about he thinks about the whole operation at Arnhem.  
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