Diary of a Red Devil, by glider to Arnhem with the 7th King's Own Scottish Borderers
Author(s) : Albert Blockwell (edited by Maggie Clifton and additional material by Niall Cherry and Robert Sigmond)
Publisher : Helion & Company Ltd
Language : English
Date : 2005
Pictures : 75
Pages : 191
Review : This book starts on 15 february 1940 when Albert Blockwell had to report for Army service in the RAOC. 
The next chapters are about his army life from 1940 till 1943, when the units he served with were stationed in the United Kingdom (Essex, Suffolk and Shetland Isles). In august 1943 the battalion joined the 1st British Airborne Division and they started to train for an Airborne operation. 
On page 93 (chapter 31 of 52) Blockwell starts writing about his time at Oosterbeek/Arnhem. He landed near Wolfheze on 18 september 1944 and the next chapters each descripes a single day at Oosterbeek. During the night of 25/26 september Blockwell and a group of men tried to reach the Rhine to be evacuated, but got lost. The next morning they were taken prisoner. 
Blockwell was sent to a prisonercamp in Germany and stayed there till the end of the war. He then returned home. After 56 days recuperation he had to report at the army again. He worked near his hime and was able to visit every weekend. After a few months he was demobilized.
Blockwell end his book with chapter 52 called Counting my blessings.
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