James Frederick Boyd  

Servicenumber : 7013328
Rank : Staff Serjeant
Regiment : The Glider Pilot Regiment
Unit : 1st Wing
Date of Death : 23-09-1944
Age : 22
Grave : Plot 3. Row D. Grave 11.
James Frederick "Paddy" Boyd was a son of Jeanie Boyd of Portstewart, Londonderry. He served with the Royal Ulster Rifles at the start of the war, but transferred to the Glider Pilot Regiment within a short time.
Boyd was Squadron Quartermaster of HQ B Squadron. He was due to follow on as part of the Seaborne tail, but made his way to Arnhem on board a glider of B Squadron on 17 september 1944. After landing he joined other members of the Glider Pilot Regiment who formed groups to defend the landing zones for the second lift. 
According to the Roll of Honour published by the Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum (Jan Hey 1999 and 2011) Boyd and Geoffrey Rennie Briggs were killed by a mortar bomb. They were at first buried behind the Command Post of 3rd Battery Light Regiment RA, on Kerkepad. Boyd and Briggs were later given a field burial in a mass grave 150 metres south of the Tafelberg Hotel, Oosterbeek.
According to the author of Brotherhood of the Cauldron Boyd was killed when he was hit in the head. He wrote about this on page 143: "'Paddy' Boyd's group of glider pilots was positioned in the area of the Tafelberg Hotel. That evening a patrol was sent out to harass the Germans, something the glider pilots did on a regular basis. Approximately an hour into the patrol it came under fire. There were prolonged bursts from the enemy guns, bringing down tree branches and throwing up fountains of dirt. As 'Paddy' peered around the corner of a wall, the brickwork exploded as enemy bullets impacted and he was hit in the head. Staff-sergeant Briggs, a fellow glider pilot, ran forward to help him and received a burst in the back. With streams of bullets seeming to come from all directions the remainder of the patrol were forced to withdraw to their own lines, the bodies of the two fallen men having to be left behind." 
Picture: 23-09-2012
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