Clifford Denis Boiteux-Buchanan  

Servicenumber : 148629
Rank : Lieutenant
Regiment : The Parachute Regiment
Unit : 2nd Battalion
Date of Death : 20-09-1944
Age :
Grave : Plot 20. Row A. Grave 15.
Clifford Denis "Bucky" Boiteux-Buchanan was a racing horse trainer before the war. He enlisted for military service in 1940 and was commissioned into the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders. In january 1942 he transferred to the Parachute Regiment as a platoon commander in C Company. 
He took part in the operation at Depiene, Tunisia in november/december 1942. In the book 'Whitout Tradition' (Robert Peatling 2004) a Corporal McConney is talking about a Mr. Buchanan who was with him in a school-room at Depiene: 'I do nog recollect anything further until I found myself, with other patients, at the school-room, Depienne. I then learned from the MO that the Battalion had left for the objective at 2300hrs. At approximately 0700hrs, 30th November 1942, Mr Buchanan came to the school-room and with the aid of a French doctor, evacuated the sick to the hospital at Pont Du Fahs. That left Mr Buchanan, his batman and myself at the school-room. 
We started to make a meal and by the time we had cooked the food we heard the sound of tanks and armoured vehicles on the road leading north. In between each AFV were a number of motor-cycle combinations. The three of us lay down in a ditch facing the road. The crews of the tanks etc were Italians. Shots came from the direction of Mr Buchanan and his batman so I too opened fire with my sten. The range was approximately 50 yards and I got off five magazines with good effect on the motor cyclists. Mr Buchanan gave a cry and rolled over on his back and the batman lay face down with arms outstretched.'  
Boiteux-Buchanan was captured at Depiene, but escaped from the POW camp near Naples and returned through enemy held territory in Italy. He was awarded a Military Cross in Italy.
On 17 september 1944 Boiteux-Buchanan jumped with 2nd Battalion onto DZ-X. He was the Battalion Intelligence Officer. 
According to the Roll of Honour published by the Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum (Jan Hey 1999 and 2011) Boiteux-Buchanan was killed in the Arnhem Rhine bridge area and was given a field burial in the Arnhem General Cemetery (Moscowa). 
Picture: 23-09-2012