David Stenhouse Black  

Servicenumber : 1345869
Rank : Flight Sergeant
Regiment : Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Unit : 48 Squadron
Date of Death : 21-09-1944
Age : 22
Grave : Plot 4. Row C. Grave 2. (Coll. grave)
David Stenhouse Black was a son of David and Lilias Wight Black of Bridgend, Midlothian. He was married to Annie May Black.
Black flew to Arnhem from Down Ampney airfield on a resupply-mission on 21 september, around 11.00hrs. He was the wireless operator in C-47 (KG-417). The plane was hit by the load from another (American) Dakota flying above, lost a wing and crashed north of Driel on the southern bank of the river Rhine around 17.15hrs.
The load that hit the plane was a aluminium container and the Dakota that dropped it was one of a goup of American aircraft, which apparentely shouldn't have been there. The pilot from another plane wrote a letter to the fiance of pilot Jack Wills. He wrote: 'We were briefed to fly at 1,000 feet only (in the drop zone). We were following another Dakota about 200 yards ahead when from some dizzy height someone had dropped a free fall pannier which landed on the starboard outer wing of this aircraft which we were following and its wing completely broke off and the aircraft naturally plunged to its death.'  
There were no survivors and the crew (James W. Erickson, Desmond Hardy, Jack Wills and David Black)and passengers (four air despatchers: Herbert Edwards, Eric Roscoe, Jack Taylor and Ben Welham) were given a field burial at he spot.  
Picture: 23-09-2012