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Stanley Douglas Biggs

Servicenumber : 7365151
Rank : Private
Regiment : Royal Army Medical Corps
Unit : 181 Airlanding Field Ambulance
Date of Death : 25-09-1944
Age : 25
Grave : Plot 16. Row B. Grave 14.
Stanley Douglas Biggs was a son of George and Lilian Biggs of Walworth, London. He was married to Florence Irene Biggs of Walworth.
Biggs landed near Wolfheze on 17 september 1944. On 18 september cameraman Gordon Walker filmed one of the 181th Field Ambulance's surgical teams inside the dressing station at Duitsekampweg No. 9. Stanley Biggs was one of the men being filmed. Later that day, between 1700hrs and 2000hrs the dressing station was moved to the Schoonoord Hotel in Oosterbeek. Lieutenant-Colonel Marrable, commander of the 181st Field Ambulance, realised that the Schoonoord was soon going to be pushed for space and he decided to locate his two surgical teams in the Tafelberg Hotel, some 200 meters from the Schoonoord.
Biggs worked in the Tafelberg Hotel. The Germans came into the Tafelberg Hotel on a few occasions. In the book 'Red Berets and red crosses' (Niall Cherry) Private Tom Bannister of 181 Airlanding Field Ambulance said about one of these times: "The SS marched all the orderlies outside and lined us up with hands on heads near the garage we were using as a mortuary. It looked as though that was it. I was standing next to a chap named Stan Biggs, and he looked across to me, grinned and said 'Well, there is one thing, Tom, they won't have far to carry us'." 
On 25 september 1944 a stray shell hit the Tafelberg Hotel during a barrage of the Oosterbeek Perimeter by XXX Corps. It passed through the roof, the upstairs floor ad exploded on the ground floor. As a result Stanley Douglas Biggs was killed together with several other already injured soldiers.
Biggs was given a field burial in front of the Tafelberg Hotel. He was later reburied at the Airborne Cemetery.
Picture: 23-09-2012
In loving memory
Of my dearest husband,
Always in my thoughts.
Loved by all
Picture: 23-06-2018
Stanley Douglas Biggs and the surgical team at Duitsekampweg No. 9 in Wolfheze. 
Sources: Website CWGC, 'Red Berets and Red Crosses' and Roll of Honour


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