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Thomas Henry Baxter    

Servicenumber : T/4853953
Rank : Corporal
Regiment : Royal Army Service Corps
Unit : 223 Air Despatch Company
Date of Death : 23-09-1944
Age : 35
Grave : Plot 17. Row C. Grave 6.
Thomas Henry Baxter was a son of Lewis William and Bertha Baxter. He was married to Grace Baxter of Clipstone, Nottinghamshire.
Baxter flew to Arnhem on a resupply-mission on 23 september in Dakota KG 305. They took off from Blakehill Farm Airfield. The plane was probably hit by Flak and it crashed at about 1700 hrs southwest of Driel. Baxter and the rest of the crew (Jack, O'Sullivan, Paget, Pinner, Beardsley, Clark and Williams) were given field burials near the aircraft.
The author of "Green On!" (Arie-Jan van Hees) wrote about the Dakota and the crash on page 270 and 271: "This Dakota was seen dropping its supplies over the drop zone. The circumstances surrounding the demise of this aircraft is vague. Although 99% of the crews reported no enemy aircraft two Dakota crew did. One of them was Flight Lieutenant John Reed from 437 Squadron, captain of Dakota FZ-345. Flight Lieutenant Reed later reported that "...he was startled to suddenly find himself in formation with a Focke-Wulf 190! Its pilot gave him a smile, rolled his plane and shot down the Dakota in front of Reed". A 48 Squadron wireless operator also reported seeing a FW-190 chasing a Dakota at treetop level near the DZ. The unlucky crew must have had no time to abandon the aircraft and KG-305 crashed 1,5 kilometres west of Driel near Keulse Kamp. The entire crew was killed in the crash." 
Picture: 23-09-2012
Sources: Website CWGC,'"Green On!"', 'The Royal Air Force at Arnhem" and Roll of Honour


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