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William Nicholson Barrie    

Servicenumber : 138718
Rank : Captain
Regiment : The Glider Pilot Regiment
Unit : 1st Wing
Date of Death : 20-09-1944
Age : 25
Grave : Plot 3. Row B. Grave 5.
William Nicholson Barrie was a son of David and Lilian Barrie. He was married to Margaret Barrie of Wylam, Northumberland.
Barrie served with the headquarters of G-Squadron. 
According to the Roll of Honour published by the Society of Friends of the Airborne Museum (Jan Hey 1999 and 2011) Barrie was killed during a tank hunting patrol between 20 and 23 september 1944. He was given a field burial beside Dreyenseweg, 50 metres north of Oosterbeek Station.
The authors of the book 'Glider Pilots at Arnhem' (Mike Peters and Luuk Buist) wrote about Barrie. On page 210 they quote Lieutenant Mike Dauncey who was settling in his new position on the tree line close to the Hartenstein Hotel on 20 september 1944: "During the afternoon the flight dug in. Major 'Tiny' Madden came over and said there were some snipers in a house opposite our position. We organised fire from everything we had including the PIAT. It was most impressive and satisfied the urge to hit out at something but I doubt whether the sniper was really there.
I heard that Major Royle had been killed and later Bill Barrie. We are lucky not to have had casualties so far".
On page 290 Barrie is mentioned again. This time Peters and Buist quote Flying Officer Reg Lawton, who reached the south side of the Rhine during the evacuation of the perimeter: "The next morning I found I still had the remnants of the rags round my shoes, but it was difficult to distinguish between my socks and rags and what was left of my shoes. We found that our building was a large, four-storey block, standing on the outskirts of the town. It had a stumpy tower with a Chinese-style roof, and had been a training school for Dutch missionaries to China. My companion was a lieutenant of the Glider Pilot Regiment wearing a kilt, which excited a lot of interest as we walked through the suburb. I learned gradually the fate of several of my friends. Captain Ogilvie was seen to set off swimming, dressed only in his kilt, with a Sten gun round his neck. He was never seen again. Bill Barry had been killed while out on patrol in the woods"
Picture: 23-09-2012
Sources: Website CWGC, Glider Pilots at Arnhem and Roll of Honour


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