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Gerrit Hendrik van den Barg

Date of Birth : 10-09-1905
Date of Death : 17-09-1944
Age : 39
Cemetery : Oosterbeek General Cemetery south
Gerrit Hendrik van den Barg was born on 10 september 1905 in Steenderen. At the time of Market Garden he lived at the Oranjeweg No. 4 in Oosterbeek. He was the gardener of the J.P. Heijestichting at Oosterbeek and was married to Adriana Margaretha Breunissen. 
On 17 september Van den Barg was 'arrested' by Germans of the SS. They thought he and two others, Hendrik Evers and Piet Kelderman, were looting their former headquarters at the Sonnenberg estate. According to a witness they were curious and wanted to know if the Germans left the area. They were warned not to go to the Sonnenberg. Despite the warning they went to the Sonnenberg and possibly had taken some food or something from the building, when the Germans found them. 
The Germans took them to the railway and there they were executed. It is said the wife of Piet Kelderman begged the Germans to let the men go. 
The author of Blik Omhoog, Cor Janse, wrote about the killing of the three men on page 778. He wrote (translation from Dutch): "SS major Sepp Kraft mentions the execution in his battle report. He wrote that most Dutch people supported the enemy (the British), both actively and passively. As soon as the British landed we caught three terrorists, armed with German riffles, at our former headquarters. Because they resisted, they were shot immediately."
The bodies of the three men were discovered on 25 november 1944. Some Dutch people from the Red Cross of Ede found them along the railway, near the second culvert, on the side of the Johannahoeve. Their hands were bound. They were buried at the spot they were found. 
On 15 june 1945 their bodies were dug up and reburied at the Genereal Cemetery South at Oosterbeek.
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