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August Marie Bakhuis Roozeboom

Servicenumber :
Rank : Private
Regiment : No. 2 (Dutch) Troop, No. 10 Inter-Allied Commando
Unit : Attached to 
Date of Death : 19-09-1944
Age : 22
Grave : Plot 1. Row A. Grave 6.
August Marie Bakhuis Roozeboom landed near Renkum at 17 september 1944. On 19 september 1944 he tried to reach the bridge in Arnhem in a jeep with supplies. There were several other men in the jeep. The group drove along the Benedendorpsweg and they came as far as halfway the Klingelbeekseweg. There they decided they couldn't get through and they returned towards Oosterbeek. Near the railway bridge the Germans fired at them with machineguns. Bakhuis Roozeboom is said to have thrown some handgranates at the Germans, but during the short fight he was killed. The rest of the group drove to Hartenstein, where Bakhuis Roozeboom was buried by some other Dutch commandos, including Maarten Jan Knottenbelt.
After the war his grave was found but it was not known who he was. The body was reburied at the Oosterbeek Airborne Cemetery as an unknown Canadian soldier. Around 1996 Jan Hey found out that it must have been Bakhuis Roozeboom who was buried in the grave near Hartenstein and on 5 may 1997 a new headstone was placed on the grave. 
Picture: 30-03-2013
Picture: 19-09-2016
Sources: Website CWGC


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