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Reginald George Badger

Servicenumber : 2819722
Rank : Warrant Officer Class II (C.S.M.)
Regiment : The Parachute Regiment
Unit : 156 Battalion
Date of Death : 18-09-1944
Age : 26
Grave : Plot 28. Row B. Grave 10.
Reginald George Badger was a son of George and Lizzie Badger of Stafford. 
Badger was a member of the Seaforth Highlanders and later of the Headquarters Company of the 156th Battalion. He landed on the Ginkel Heath on 18 september 1944.
According to the books 'From Delhi to Arnhem' about the 156th Battalion (page 205) and 'Men at Arnhem' (page 128) Reginald Badger fought outside Hackets Hollow, across the lane on the Oosterbeek side. Major Geoffrey Powell described what happened: "Badger, the orderly-room Sergeant, who had been fighting all day as a section commander, had been holding the fence with a few odds and ends from Battalion Headquarters and elsewhere. A machine-gun, firing from the far side of the green field, had killed him and a couple of his men and the survivors had been withdrawn across the road to the lesser danger of the hollow. Poor Badger! He should have been in England, making out his returns, but he had pulled the many strings he controlled to secure a seat for himself in the Colonel's aircraft."
After Badger died he was buried in a mass grave in a wood on the Sonnenberg estate, south of a small cemetery. He was buried together with Harold L. Kirkham, Alfred Guthrie, Francis Dolaghan, Bernard Haikin, William Dowsett, George Drake, John McGlone, Allan Thomson, George Minto Blundell and Michael Page
The fighting at the hollow happened on 19/20 september and so either Powell must be wrong about Badger being killed at the hollow or the date of death of Badger is incorrect. Since Badger was buried at the Sonnenberg (according to the Roll of Honour), which is near the hollow, I think the date of Badger's death is incorrect.  
Picture: 18-09-2011
Picture: 10-09-2016
Sources: Website CWGC, 'From Delhi to Arnhem' and Roll of Honour


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