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Arnhem Lift, Diary of a Glider Pilot
Author(s) : Louis Hagen
Publisher : Pilot Press Ltd.
Language : English
Date : 1945
Pages : 96
Review : Arnhem Lift as written by Louis Hagen when he was home on leave after fighting at Oosterbeek. 
After returning home everybody wanted to hear his storty. After telling it several time, he began to find the repetition irksome. So he spent the rest of his leave writing it all down, while the events were still vivid in his mind. Any more friends who asked him for the story would get a type-written document. 
The book starts on Monday 18 september 1944, when Hagen landed near Wolfheze. He then gives a day by day account of what he did and saw at Oosterbeek. In the night of 25/26 september 1944 Hagen swam across the Rhine. 
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